When you allow Bathroom Remodel Lexington to help with your bathroom remodeling needs, you can be sure that the work will always be performed to your total satisfaction. We finish what we start to complete your bathroom remodeling needs to your satisfaction. Let us transform your bathroom into the most relaxing room in your house. When you want a beautiful and functional bathroom then allow us to provide this for you. We offer the best variety of options for your shower. We provide you with the best quality of services possible because we depend on the best and most qualified contractors in the city. When you need an efficient and affordable bathroom remodel and flooring, it would serve you best to rely on our experienced contractors to assume full responsibility for your bathroom. Let us show you why so many in the city continue to turn to us for our remodeling services. 

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​Various Shower Options

​When you determine the type of shower that you would like then we will get to work on providing it to you. One of the many things to consider is whether you will have a freestanding shower or if you want a shower over your tub. In either case, we’ll make sure that it compliments the rest of your bathroom. Many homeowners enjoy picking out the type of tile that will be used for their shower. The shower is usually what pulls the entire bathroom together so we help you choose wisely. When you are looking for shower tile, our associates will provide you with as many options as you would like to see. The only problem can be so many choices – it can be difficult to choose. We’re happy to customize your shower to give you the spa experience in your own home. 

​Variety of Shower Shapes

You aren’t limited to rectangles, anymore. Once you choose Bathroom Remodeling Lexington KY, we can offer you curved enclosure showers with a rounded entry offering a modern look and which work very well in a corner preserving bathroom space. If you are really passionate about the contemporary style, we can install a neo-angle enclosure shower with a diamond pattern and a five-sided based, often in a diamond pattern. A tub/shower combo is a standard for American bathrooms and we are well versed in quickly installing yours if that’s what you’re looking for.

​Options Galore

​While we have incredible amounts of options to offer you for a wall-mounted or ceiling mounted showerhead, we can also offer you a handheld shower head. This may be for comfort or safety concerns or even the old world aesthetic you’re longing for.
Do you love long steamy showers? We can install a luxury built-in steam generator for your custom shower remodel. 
We can even install a light show with LED lighting. Whether you’d prefer daylight-like shower lighting or lights pulsating with color to the water flow and steam changes, we have all the options and bathroom fixtures Lexington KY could hope for.

​Shower Sizes

When creating a custom shower, we can accommodate whatever size your bathroom or your imagination requires. Walk-in showers are a incredibly spacious – a room unto themselves. Since with a walk-in there is no tub, you have more room to walk around. We install showers with expansive dimensions in master bathrooms and even two or more shower heads on opposing walls.

​Safety Features

​Keeping safety in mind with home remodeling Lexington KY is our priority. Whether you need grab bars to help with steadiness, a built-in seat for comfort, or a low threshold entry, we can customize your shower to fit your needs and make it beautiful, as well. 

​Bathroom Shower Materials

​We’re happy to quickly and inexpensively install a pre-fab shower with built-in shower walls mainly made of fiberglass or acrylic. Full disclosure: they can yellow with age and prone to scratches. It is, however, durable and the synthetic material is one of the most waterproof substances available. These economical showers install quickly further reducing your labor costs. 

As remodelers Lexington KY what we really like, no, we love – We absolutely love showing our skill and craftsmanship installing a one-of-a-kind custom shower. Lining your shower walls with elegant stone provides a modern vibe to your brand new bathroom. While an expensive option, stone is easy to clean and upkeep. The stonework does need to be occasionally resealed, which we are thrilled to do for you. 

Would you like a more creative look? We install miles of tile everyday. Our contractors are tile artists so you can watch the unique patterns and colors you’ve chosen appear before your eyes. Whatever eye candy design you can imagine, we can create for you. Grout will require regular cleaning, but we can recommend products to keep your unique bathroom sparkling clean. 

​Showerheads with Endless Possibilities

A single-setting showerhead will give you the affordability you’re looking for. However, a multi-setting showerhead giving you stream size varieties from narrow to wide and flow options like mist, massage, and pulsing among many others.  We can even offer you a shower tower head with vertical strips and body jets for a shower jacuzzi. Here are other possibilities:
  • Concealed Showerhead Our clients who are looking for sleek lines and minimalist bathroom retreats will love the concealed showerhead. Several of these options are mounted on the ceiling with a waterfall or rain shower experience and hidden behind various design elements.
  • Rain Showerhead Allowing the water to fall directly over your head, rather than shooting at your face from an angle, make you feel like you’re taking a shower in the wild. We have options that add air bursts to further simulate realistic raindrops.
  • Body Shower This sprays water from the top, but also from the sides of the wall so you are being sprayed with strong jets of water from all sides, relaxing and massaging muscles like hydrotherapy. With a range of flow settings you can choose from something akin to an exciting firehose or a soft gentle mist. 
  • Waterfall Shower Often part of a concealed shower, although it doesn’t have to be, a rush of water falls from a shelf-like head over you. This will create a truly unique and invigorating experience in your home.

​Shower Doors Lexington KY

There are really 3 kinds of shower doors Lexington KY mainly asks for: pivot doors, sliding doors, and hinged doors.  
By far the most popular shower doors here in Lexington are pivot doors or swinging doors. They open with an outward motion with hinges exclusively at the top and bottom of the door hidden from view.

  • Sliding doors preserve bathroom space and one door slides behind the other one along the tub entrance. We make sure your doors are installed with a watertight seal to avoid leaks. ​
  • Hinged doors open like pivot doors but the hinges are in view on the side of the door. These are great for spacious angled showers. Hinged doors have the added benefit of being installed to open inward if that is your preference. 

​Why Rely on Professional Remodeling Services

​We have a team of talented contractors working with us at Bathroom Remodel Lexington. If you want the best and most efficient remodeling services possible then make sure you rely on someone who can provide this to you, Bathroom Remodeling Lexington KY. You will receive services from contractors who have a concentration on bathroom remodeling. As a professional bathroom remodeling service we will discuss space planning, necessary renovations, expenses and a practical time frame with you. Most importantly, we can provide you with what you want within your budget. When working with our professional bathroom remodeling service, you’re sure to be able to get your money’s worth.