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Give our contractors a call to let them take care of the job for you. Our services are a lot more affordable than you might think. The only way that you will be able to find out is by contacting our team to discuss your renovation today. We are known for working with our customers to provide them with the help that they need, regardless the extent of their service requests.

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Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Near Me

You struck gold, if you have been looking for a professional bathroom remodel contractor in the Lexington area. We are privileged to be your remodel professionals for the powder room – from new installations to repairs, and small guest baths to luxury master suites. Here in the heart of the state’s Bluegrass region many a homeowner will tell you we produce stunning glamourous retreats for your bathroom remodel.
Our service area covers a lot of Kentucky ground – which of course includes all of Lexington. In addition, we cover Wilmore, Frankfort, Georgetown, Versailles, Richmond, Nicholasville, Winchester and more. Give us a call to see if our crew can make it out to you. We sure will if we can.  

​Financing Available

If you continue putting off your bathroom remodel due to a lack of money then call our experts at Bathroom Remodel Lexington. We offer some of the most affordable options possible. In addition we can suggest financing options. We don’t want your hard earned cash going down the toilet with an inexperienced crew. With our wide range of options, we are sure to have what you need at a price that you can afford. If we are responsible for handling your bathroom remodel, you can be sure of one thing, the job will be done right. We’ll make sure that the job is done right the first time so that you can start using your facilities sooner rather than later.

Bathroom Remodel Questions

There are a few questions your contractor will need to know. You can be thinking about them until we come out to give you an estimate and ask them.

What is your budget?
Knowing that can help our design team direct your choices so you get what you most want out of your new bathroom remodel.

How will the bathroom be used?
If you have young children a bathtub can be necessary. If your elderly mother needs a handicapped accessible shower, we can recommend other modifications to assist her. If the bathroom is being remodeled for resale of the house, we can make specific recommendations to help that, too. From flooring choices to vanity, skinks, and lighting, once we know who and how you’ll use the bathroom, we can give you great choices.

Do you want your bathroom the same size or bigger?
If your dream is a luxury spa, the average 40 square foot bathroom doesn’t quite cut it. Anything is possible, from moving walls to eliminating closets. There are additional costs and a longer timeframe for those options.

Can my bathroom fixtures be moved?
Although the cost is more, we are happy to move your vanity to another wall, or even the shower. Knowing these things ahead of time is important to the accurate estimate.

How will the bathroom remodel affect my life?
An average bathroom remodel can be around 24 working days. With only one bathroom, that can be a significant disruption. Accommodations will need to be made while we work on your bathroom.

How long after the remodel do I intend to stay in my house?
Staying in your home for a few years is different than considering mobility and stability issues of your latter years. Even if you’re unsure a sleek glass enclosed shower with no lip will help with wheelchair accessibility and is a luxurious bonus when considering the resale value of your home.

Can I add storage with my bathroom remodel?
We need storage for so many things, from additional towels to your little used humidifier and cleaning supplies. Even though the bathroom is the smallest square footage room in the house. Considering storage when choosing between a pedestal sink and a full vanity is a wise thing to consider.

Is there asbestos in my flooring or walls? Is there lead on my walls?
Knowing what’s under your current flooring and behind plaster walls is important when considering the scope of a bathroom remodel. We all hope it doesn’t happen to us. As your contractor, we would be remiss if we didn’t explore the possibility, particularly if your home is older than 1978. If you have an older home, scheduling a lead or asbestos inspection before you hire your contractor is a smart move.

What bathroom upgrades are most important in a remodel?
Dreaming of that Japanese soaking tub or the waterfall shower is key. Also important is knowing what is most critical for your priority list and what takes a lower priority. Considering your budget and our accurate free estimate sometimes you have to decide between this and that. Be sure to know ahead of time what is most important to you so we can make that happen.
The only name that you need to know when you are looking for a reputable and reliable bathroom remodeling service in Lexington, KY is Bathroom Remodel Lexington. We have been able to put together a team of the best and most qualified remodeling contractors to help you with your service needs.

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