A bathroom remodel can be fun and exciting if you hire the right contractor. We eliminate frustration and confusion with excellent communication and our vast knowledge of the work involved. Get it done right by relying on our experienced bathroom contractors at Bathroom Remodel Lexington. We offer you the best bathroom remodel experience you hope for. It doesn’t matter what your needs might be, we assure you that we are capable of handling them for you, big or small. This means that we can also install the most attractive countertops. You may not know it but your countertops make a big difference in the functionality of your entire bathroom. Who wants to have to resort to lying things on the floor, back of the toilet or on the sink? Whether repair, replacing, or installing new, we give you the sleek stunning bathroom of your dreams. Let’s talk about counter top dreams. 

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​Countertop Materials

Laminate is a plastic layer over particleboard giving it a huge variety of colors and patterns, even mirroring stone at a fraction of the price. It does easily damage and rather than repaired must be replaced. It’s a very economical option which our remodelers Lexington KY do all the time.

Tile, tile, tile. Our installers do miles of tile each week and that can include your bathroom counter. Variations made with ceramic, glass and porcelain make the limitless shapes, sizes and colors that can be yours for the asking. We do shower walls, tub surrounds, backsplashes and chair rail patterns in addition to vanity tops. Heat, moisture, stain, and scratch resistant makes the thousands of interchangeable pieces of tile a fantastic option for our experienced installers. Mildew can be a problem if the grout lines aren’t adequately sealed, so professional installation is highly recommended. 

Solid-Surface Acrylic made from a mix of acrylic of acrylic resin, quartz, and crushed stone. A very popular contemporary style gives the widest possibilities of color and pattern with streaking options mimicking natural stone or flecking of matte or glitter colorations. The manufactured material withstands water, stains and bacteria as an inexpensive option. It is vulnerable to head damage and it scratches easily. Scratches can be buffed out.

Granite, being natural stone, has been the gold standard for kitchen and bathroom counters for decades due to its beauty and endurance. It is incredibly durable since it’s resistant to scratches, and heat. It will need sealed to make it waterproof. Each slab has it’s own unique hues and patterns and the variety has almost no limit. The biggest drawback is the high price. Even giving the high price tag, it can last for almost, well, ever. It also adds to the resale value of your home.

Quartz has a modern look and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It is a manufactured stone with naturally occurring quartz and 5% resins, colorations, and recycled materials depending on the manufacturer. One of a big benefit of quartz is that it’s engineered to be waterproof and stain resistant with antibacterial properties. It is as expensive as granite and is prone to chipping. Rounded edges naturally reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Marble is an image of wealth and luxury. It’s a naturally occurring limestone when quarried from different places is composed of slightly different amounts of minerals than any other marble in the world. Marble has a higher cost than quartz or granite, can stain or be scratched and requires regular resealing. Stains and scratches can be polished out.
Concrete gives a sleek modern look and is gaining in popularity. It can be tinted, textured, or have chips such as stone added to the substrate even looking like natural stone. We create the forms by hand to give you limitless shape possibilities. It’s durable and not as heavy as you would expect, although it does need sealed and waxed on a regular basis. If you want a concrete countertop you can depend on it for its durability. Many people don’t realize it but a concrete countertop is an affordable and practical choice for your countertop. You don’t have to worry about our installing a boring concrete slab, as we can offer you polished concrete. It is sure to make the rest of your bathroom design stand out. Give us a call.

We have so many more possibilities for you to consider for your home remodeling Lexington KY project. Materials from trendy pieces of recycled glass held together with resin or cement and stunning vibrant colors to an industrial or contemporary stainless steel with the reassurance of decades of longevity and durability. Resin made from cured polyester, acrylic or epoxy with pattern and hue variations of your choice is a durable inexpensive option. Bamboo is a stunning and ecologically friendly option, however, lacks some of the durability of other wood options, so would be best in a little-used guest bath. You might choose a warm, environmentally friendly reclaimed wood from a barn or factory that is not prone to expanding and contracting with humidity or the new counterpart beautiful butcher block created by strips of hardwood glued together in either end grain, edge grain, or face grain. You have your choice of the European trend of porcelain with low maintenance, durability, longevity, and resistance to heat, scratches and chips. Consider, also lava stone with exciting extraction of ancient volcanos. Incredibly durable and glazed to a color and style of your choice and by far the costliest material possible. 

Top Tips from the Professionals

  1. Make sure you take home larger countertop samples, even if you have pay for them. A small sample doesn’t always give you a vision of what the completed picture will look like.
  2. If you fall in love with a slab of granite for your countertop grab that one. Each slab is unique and you may not find another one just like it.
  3. Limestone is porous and has to be carefully cleaned using pH neutral agents.  Citrus based and vinegar cleaners must not be used.
Why Hire Bathroom Remodeling Lexington KY
You are assured of being able to get what you pay for by relying on the preferred services of Bathroom Remodel Lexington. We have the most qualified and skilled remodeling contractors to help with your  needs. Whether you want a newly built countertop or improvements made to an existing vanity top, we are the experts to chose. Even if you choose to have a one-of-a-kind countertop designed for your bathroom, our talented design team will be at your disposal. Contact us today.