When you need a home remodeling Lexington KY service for your bathroom, you may be interested in having a new bathtub installed. W have you covered at Bathroom Remodel Lexington. We can handle every facet of your bathroom remodel from start to finish. It isn’t something that you should depend on anyone else to do for you. We make it worth your while to call on us for your service needs. To be sure that you’re able to receive exactly what you want and need, rely on our reputable and reliable contractors. Their level of experience in bathroom remodeling Lexington KY makes it possible for you to receive the quality of service that you deserve. The reason that our services are often preferred to many of the other remodeling services in town is because we offer superior craftsmanship at affordable prices. Do yourself a favor by turning to us for your bathroom remodeling needs. 

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​Types of Bathtubs

You will have your choice of bathtubs once you contact our associates to discuss your bathroom remodel. Our talented team of professional contractors is able to assist with the installation of a walk-in tub, alcove tub, soaking tub, air tub, whirlpool tub, or freestanding tub.

Freestanding Tub – WOW! That’s what people say when they see the striking impact of a freestanding tub. A bathroom remodel can be the difference between selling your home quickly or languishing on the market and the impressive artistic elements of a free standing tub can factor into that equation putting money in your pocket. The are very much in demand for home buyers. Who knows? When we get done with your bathroom, you may decide to stay.  There are several options: contemporary solid base freestanding tubs, rounded “Soup Bowl” freestanding tubs, alcove free standing tubs, and more.
  • Claw-Foot Tub – Traditionally free standing tubs were all claw-foot tubs, making their owners feel like kings and queens. If you are looking for a vintage look or historic décor, this will do it. With soothing sloping walls and opulent claw feet you’ll think you stepped back in time. 
  • Japanese Style Tub – Small and deep with a seat give an Eastern aesthetic. Art and beauty meet with Asian influences. 
Drop-In or Built-In Tubs If you want a spa in your own home, this is your key. You’ll get deep-soaking relaxation. We can do a standard drop-in, a step-up built-in tub, or even a corner built-in. With a corner tub you maximize the space in your bathroom because it only needs two walls, instead of the standard three for an alcove tub. Would you like a unique triangular shape or a traditional rectangular shape? Your choice. Additionally, we can do an undermount tub (think built-in tub with another type of rim), or when space isn’t a concern we can build your luxury tub in the center of the room. 

Alcove Tub – This is your standard, average tub. Almost always surrounded on three sides by wall space, it’s incredibly practical, yet extremely affordable. Although fairly standard, this tub can be upgraded for more luxury, just ask us how.

Walk-In Tub – The technology has improved greatly providing those with limited mobility a bathing experience in their own home. These tubs have a door that opens with a waterproof seal and a seat to sit on without crouching or struggling to get up.

Hot Tub – Wouldn’t you like to have a water massage with every bath? Air jets give you bubbles without chemicals and provide the ultimate in hydrotherapy. Soak deep and relax, restore, refresh and walk out of your bathroom out renewed. 

​The point is that we can install any type of tub that you would like regardless of what type it is. When you want the job done right then there is no one better suited for handling your bathtub installation than our competent team of professionals. They always get the job done right the first time. 

Bathtub Materials

​Tubs used to be made from wood, copper or iron. 
Enamel coated cast iron tubs are still available because its durability allows it to last for decades. They are extremely heavy, though, and must be put on a floor that can structurally handle the weight of the tub, plus the water, and an adult all in the same spot. Steel-based tubs with a porcelain enamel finish are a bit lighter than cast-iron and easier to clean. 
Common materials today are fiberglass and acrylic tubs. Acrylic has the color throughout the material and are often less expensive to obtain and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

​Typical Bathtub Dimensions

​Standard tubs are 60 inches long and either 30 or 32 inches wide and range between 15 and 18 inches in depth. 
Specialty tubs may be longer at 72 inches and 20 – 24 inches in depth. Walk-in tubs are standard length and width with a depth of 30-36 inches and a seat at one end.

​Why Hire Qualified Contractors

​You will only find reliable and qualified bathroom remodeling contractors in Lexington, KY when you call us. We won’t waste your time because we have the expertise needed to complete the job in a timely manner. When we find tubs, materials and bathroom fixtures Lexington KY for your bathroom remodel, we will always obtain the right materials to handle the job. We know how to help you find the ideal bathtub for your style bathroom.

​You are sure to get what you pay for and more when you rely on our qualified bathroom remodeling contractors. Let us show you why so many continue to turn to us for their bathroom remodeling needs. Many homeowners have been able to see what our qualified, professional bathroom contractors can do and so can you. 

​Complimentary No-Obligation Consultations

​Even if you’re not sure about the type of bathtub to have installed, Bathroom Remodeling Lexington KY has a dedicated team of professionals to assist you throughout the process, including our design experts. When we are asked to handle a bathroom vanity remodel, we offer you a no-obligation, complimentary consultation. This will enable us to determine exactly what your needs and desires might be. Given that you are spending your hard-earned money, it is important to us that you receive value for your money. We can do this more fully by consulting with your prior to starting the remodeling process. Call on us for satisfaction with your new luxurious bathroom!