​​Bathroom Flooring

If it is time to remodel your bathroom floor then it is time to give us a call at Bathroom Remodel Lexington. Even if you are not having a complete bathroom remodel, you can count on us to handle any aspect of the remodel, including your flooring. Even the smallest can greatly impact the entire appearance of your bathroom. With our services, we are happy to assist in any way necessary. We have a team of experienced bathroom designers who can assist in finding you the perfect flooring for your bathroom needs. Many of our customers have told us that the flooring in their bathroom is important to them; therefore, it is also important to us. To ensure that you have the correct type of flooring installed, rely on team of experienced contractors to install it for you. They take their time to make sure that work is performed effectively the first time. Even if you like the way your bathroom looks now, updating your flooring will make you like it even more.

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​Popular Flooring Options

When it comes to your bathroom floors, there are some that are chosen more often than others. Our customers at Bathroom Remodeling Lexington KY have great taste. When you decide to have new flooring installed in your bathroom, these are the options for your to consider.
Tile Flooring – Tile is at the top of most of our customers list when it comes to the installation of new flooring in their bathrooms. We use porcelain and ceramic tiles most often. While they are generally used for bathroom flooring, we are also able to use the same tiles for your shower, backsplash, and countertops. Tile is waterproof and aesthetically pleasing to most people who have it installed. It is among the most versatile materials that we use at Bathroom Remodel Lexington.

Vinyl Flooring – Vinyl flooring is often a standard type of flooring in many bathrooms. It may be one of the more popular choices because of its affordability and durability. You will also see vinyl flooring in many shopping centers, clinics, and other high traffic facilities. Since your bathroom also receives a lot of traffic, it is the perfect choice for your bathroom floors.

Laminate Flooring – A lot of people like this type of flooring because they can get it in wood. No one ever has to know that your new flooring isn’t actual wood even though it may look like it is. Laminate flooring a lot more affordable and practical for your bathroom. Even though it is not real wood flooring, we assure you that no one would know this unless you told them. Laminate is prone to water damage in wet environments like a bathroom. However, fore warned is fore armed and you are the boss. We will install what you choose.

Pros and Cons of Bathroom Floors

​Here are some of the most popular types of bathroom flooring
Summary: Very well suited to bathroom use. Looks great for an historic home.
+ Exceptionally durable & color is long-lasting
+ Biodegradable material is eco friendly
+ Low maintenance
+ Resists dust & dirt
+ Soft of the feet
– May give off fumes for about a week
– Can be scratched
– Appearance dulls over time
– Requires maintenance
Summary: Epitome of luxury and refinement – comes in various veining patterns
+ Breathtakingly beautiful
+ Expensive
– Scratches
– Stains

Summary: Very like ceramic, but clay is kilned at higher temperatures giving it improved performance as a bathroom floor tile than ceramic.
+ Harder than ceramic
+ Extremely durable (more than ceramic)
+ More resistant to scratches than ceramic
+ Variety of colors
+ Incredibly resistant to water (more than ceramic)
+ Perfect material for radiant heat
– Expensive – on average about 60% more costly than ceramic

Natural stone does necessitate additional cleaning and maintenance – more than other types of tile. It also is generally more expensive than other options.

Summary: The most popular flooring for bathrooms. Comes in tiles & wood-grain boards
+ Inexpensive
+ Tough
+ reusable
– The look isn’t as stunning as some others, but wood grain can be very nice
Summary: Soft so it’s comfortable on the feet – durable making it a great flooring option.
-Porous unless sealed very well
Summary: Comes in rock texture that is easier to clean than rock and many other colors and patterns. Including terracotta, wood-styles, and others.
+ Low maintenance
+ Glazed ceramic is almost impervious to water
+ Sturdy
+ Tremendous variety of colors and patterns
+ Less expensive than porcelain tiles
+ Terracotta is warmer than ceramic
– Unglazed ceramic is less water resistant than porcelain
Summary: Attractive, durable and colors and styles are versatile
+ Durable
+ Resistant to stains
+ Resistant to moisture
+ Unique look
+ Expensive
– Can be dangerous and slippery
Pebble Tile
Summary: River rock brings nature indoors
+ Durable
+ Unique
– Challenging to clean
Glass Tiles
Summary: Brilliantly beautiful in an almost limitless variety of colors and patterns
+ Stunning colors
+ Brilliant reflection of light
+ Durable
+ Easy to clean
+ Stain resistant
+ Mold resistant
– Costly
– Prone to scratches
– Slippery unless textured
– Shows dirt easily
– Susceptible to cracking or chipping if something heavy is dropped
Summary: A natural metamorphic rock very popular for floors.
+ Various styles and colors
+ Durable for decades when maintained
+ Resistant to cracks, chips, breaks, and scratches
+ Easy to replace damaged tiles
– Costly
– One of a kind which makes matching and design challenging
– Cold
– Stains unless sealed on a regular basis
Cement Tile
Summary: Durable for years or decades
+ Scratches and chips are almost invisible
+ Phenomenally durable
+ Unique industrial look
– Porous unless sealed well
– Very slippery when humid or wet
– Expensive

Summary: Walk on the wild side and roll the dice
+ Stunning
– Susceptible to water penetration, staining,  & cracking
Cork Tile
Summary: Excellent for elderly prone to falls or as sound absorption
+ Shock absorption
+ Soft for the feet
+ Sound absorption
+ naturally hypo-allergenic
+ anti-microbial
+ anti-fungal
– Easily scratches
– Easily chips out chunks
– Water easily penetrates
– Susceptible to humidity which curls & pops tiles out of place
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