​About Us

Our bathroom remodelers are the preferred contractors covering home remodeling Lexington KY. Since establishing our services years ago, we have shown no signs of slowing down. You will always receive the best quality and the most options from Bathroom Remodel Lexington. We have a team of remodeling experts who have the skills and qualifications needed to produce the results that you are sure to love. We are committed to designing a place that suits your design taste and preferences. This is why we work closely with our customers, to ensure they get exactly what they want from their bathroom remodel. We have confidence in our ability to do this because we only hire the best and most qualified contractors to work with our customers.

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Design Dream Team

If you know you want a certain look or are ready for a change, but unsure what changes to make that happen, give Bathroom Remodeling Lexington KY a call. We have been doing this for a lot of years. Just ask us and we’ll design the makeover you’ve been pining for. Giving us a hint of your vision can help us direct your choices so you get exactly what you want. Here are a few considerations our designers will help you with.

Storage Space Whether this is an older or new house, we can always use more storage space. Now is the perfect time to rethink function and build into a beautiful form. Will open shelving help solve the problem or be an eyesore for your family? Should we enclose a new closet or expand the room by taking one out? There is an art to not wasting space while accomplishing clean lines and a relaxing, uncluttered view.

Wet Wall Where are the existing utility lines and pipes for plumbing in contrast to where you’d like them to be. We have stripped bathrooms down to the studs and rebuilt them from the ground up creating a serene oasis retreat and we would be thrilled to do the same in your home. That may not be what your vision is. We can help you discern what you actually want and for the price you need.

Color Palette Choosing hues and patterns comes naturally to some people and they bring us the swatches they’ve spent months drooling over. If that isn’t you, allow us to harmonize color, function and form in your luxury master bath.

Fixtures and Features The range of showers, tubs, sinks, counters, cabinetry, and flooring options can be exciting or dizzying. We are thoroughly familiar with our industry’s up and coming features and fixtures. We find the excitement inducing to bring these modern technological advances to our customers. We want to share our excitement with you.

Choosing a Contractor

Finding a fantastic contractor can be a job. Now that you’ve found us, giving you a bathroom remodel project is our job. It is critical to choose an experienced contractor. Decorative elements combined with water and electricity functionality are imperatives to choosing the experts. We are accustomed to juggling many variables on any given project and you want to choose a company who knows what they’re doing.
Our remodelers Lexington KY wouldn’t hesitate to provide you with any of the essential items below and more. When hiring a contractor of any kind there are a few things that are required to ask.

  1. Insured
  2. References
  3. Written estimate
  4. Written contract
  5. Professionalism

 We provide our customers liability and workers’ compensation insurance certificates upon request. Find out a contractor is lapsed on their insurance after they’ve begun your job is a nightmare. We’ve heard shocking stories from our customers about hiring less than reputable contractors once they call us to fix it and do the job right.

Ask for references. A contractor worth his salt should be able to easily provide customers who are happy with the work done and will verify what kind of job they did on their home.

Written Estimate. We provide all our clients with a free written estimate. You shouldn’t have to pay a trip charge to get a quote. That’s unreasonable. Bathroom Remodeling Lexington KY will evaluate your site, transfer your dream into the written plan we give you and make sure you have a written estimate before we ever start the work. We want your business and show you that in everything we strive to do.

Contract in Writing. Your contract should include the design for the job, all of your choices of pattern and color, and details about clean-up. There should also be multiple points of contact with the business: name, address, business phone, cell phone, email, etc. We make ourselves available to you.

Professionalism. What kind of experience does this crew have? How many guys in the crew? In all of your concerns and questions you should feel listened to and responded to in a reasonable professional way. Communicating these matters before you sign the contract is the safest way to make sure you are getting exactly what you wish for.
When you want to receive great value for the money then do yourself a favor by relying on Bathroom Remodeling Lexington KY. Our experienced contractors in the Lexington, KY area use the most advanced technology to enhance the look and function of your bathroom. If you are unaware of the newest features being used in bathroom remodels today then give us a call at Bathroom Remodel Lexington and we’ll show you what you have to expect. You can have the type of bathroom that no one else has with our customizable bathroom remodeling services. It doesn’t matter to us how elaborate your design ideas might be, we assure you that our team of experts can deliver exactly what you want and need. Contact us today for more info.